Quality Policy

Main goal of our quality policy is to improve our product and service quality to the top, as we adopt customer-focused point of view with our whole operations as a principle.

We provide safe and healthy work environment to our employees and increase their belongings to our company day by day as we offer them training and other activities to increase their efficiency and take advantage of their talents, strength and creativity.

Main principles that we undertake to apply as our quality policy to provide quality management and enable our all employees’, suppliers’ and other shareholders’ participation are:

  • To become one of the leader companies of sector and adapt innovations to processes in a fast and efficient way to continue leadership
  • To be always ahead of competitors at applying new work modes, to increase product range and qualtity consistently
  • To work always in accordance with legal regulations and by considering customer requirements
  • To keep customer satisfaction at top level by appyling the system efficiently and giving assurance of the same product quality all the time.
  • To increase efficiency of all processes to an international competitive level with consistent improvement attitude
  • To have trainings that increases technical and behavioral competence in order to encourage innovative and creative approaches
  • To create efficient control oppurtunity by using modern management information systems
  • To obtain documentation and continuous sustainability of our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standardının requirements
  • To become a company that is respectful and a good model to the society.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Main goal of Filiz Plastik is to provide sustainable and increasing customer satisfaction with all applied supervisory and work processes.

Our company makes effort to know customers, their specifications, requirements and demands, as we know that offering services with quality is the key element of high customer satisfaction.

We undertake that we solve every customer claims in an open, clear, fast and trustable way. The results of claims and suggestions are applied on processes to obtain permanent improvements.

We always make effort to convert our sources to “customer satisfaction” with our experience, customer-focused service and by considering customer feedbacks.