Your trustable solution partner since 1999

Your trustable solution partner since 1999

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Filiz Plastik
Filiz Plastik 20 years experience

Filiz Plastik was founded by chemical
engineer Feride Ertuğrul in 1999 in order
to provide service for engineering plastics.
Our company provides materials required
by industries with best quality and price due to
distributorship agreements with leader
companies and businness partnerships.

Products with best quality
in optimal conditions

PE Product Group

PP Product Group

PVC Product Group

Pipes and Fittings

PVDF | Polyvinylidene Fluoride

PTFE | Teflon | Polytetrafluoroethylene

POM | Delrin | Polyoxymethylene

PA6 G | Cast Polyamide

Industrial solutions with high
performance plastics

Silo, Bunker and Damper Lining

For bulk goods such as coal, salt, gravel, gypsum etc., bunkers and silos are the simplest and most economical type of storage.



With galvanizing process, contact between metal and air is prevented, therefore this process is extremely important for chemical industry.



Plastics are generally acknowledged for their lightweight, skinfriendly properties, as well as offering the benefit of long-lasting functionality.


Aviation and Railway Applications

is a flame retardant special PVC type that is developed for railway wagon interior lining applications.



PP and PVDF materials are used for lining of inside surfaces of tanks which has corrosive chemicals or production of plastic tanks.



Many of engineering plastics such as PE 1000, PTFE, cast polyamide, POM, polyamide, plexiglass can be used at production lines of automotive sector.


Excavation and Construction

Material is selected due to characteristic properties. Some of the most widely used engineering plastics are cast polyamide, PTFE, PE 1000 (PE-UHMW) and PE 100 (HDPE).


Boat Applications

Polyethylene (HDPE) materials are resistant against water and chemicals. Black PE materials are suitable for outdoor use as it has UV resistance due to carbon additives.


Construction and Piping Systems

Product range of SIMONA includes from low-flammable PPs to electrical conductive PE-EL, PP-EL, PP-EL-s and PVDF-EL materials. Plastics provide advantages in HVAC systems with light weight and easy installation properties.


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